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Below you can see reviews of my recently released book "Tree Morphogenesis Book 1, Reduction Via Thinning Theory".

My sincere thanks to everybody who took the time to read and review my book


Eoliving book review -

"Simulated Wind Pruning for Trees, David Lloyd-Jones’ fantastic tell all book that dives into why and how the sympathetic management of trees should be practiced, is the first of its kind. The book gives any reader a new way of looking at, understanding and seeing trees." - To read full review on eoliving.


Pro Arb Magazine book review -

  • ProArb Magazine Review

Pro Arb magazine reviews the first book in the Tree Morphogenesis by David Lloyd-Jones

"It can add tree owners and arborists alike in the way it challenges perception, understanding and management of trees"

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Green Spirit magazine -

"...Tree Morphogenesis is a battle cry not just for us to get back to our own roots and learn to trust our own instincts, but also to invest those instincts in an environmental management system that could improve the health and longevity of the trees around us, preserving the natural beauty of the landscape we all instinctively value and understand."

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Amazon Book Reviews

"This book helped give dialogue to feelings evoked by tree presence so as to make it easier to share and awaken for my colleagues and clients. The little voice is instinct and is like finding part of yourself. Savor!" - To see review on


"I liked how this book was easy and entertaining to read... I highly recommend it." - To read full review - Amazon book review


"...The author writes from 28 years of experience, and his explanations of how trees gain their shapes has a much broader audience than those he's writing for (arborists and people planning on hiring arborists). If you're starting an orchard of fruit trees or managing a woodlot, you'll still get something out of this dense but intense book. - To read full review on Amazon


Walden Effect

"long and fascinating" "...understanding how trees grow will help us all do a better job managing those working trees on our homestead."

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